December 18, 2012


Maze top, Online shorts, Forever 21 flats, Serial Apparel satchel

Trying to blog using my phone just because it's convenient and I'm too excited for the outcome since it's my first time to try it..I'm lame like that..

This was an outfit I wore to Disneyland Hongkong last November. Since I have to go a theme park, might as well dress the part eh? Colorful, funky yet fuss-free look. It's just a top-shorts combo made interesting by the color choices I mixed together. This is prolly the only outfit that seems abusive of the color-blocking trend..Do forgive me.Of course comfy flats are a must-haves because aside from walking miles and miles and running, I wouldn't want my shoes to be left on the space upon riding the space shuttle..haha..

The experience was beyond amazing I must say. I have reunited with the child in me- princesses, castles, beautiful dresses, the music and happy ever afters. Being a child is actually the best stage of life (based on what I've experienced yet) no worries, no heartaches, no hatred, just pure, unsolicited love. But we all have to grow up and face life after all that's why we're all here. I just want to emphasize to the teens out there wishing they'll grow up in just click, just savor and enjoy the moment of being a teenager. It will never happen again. 

 The line that goes "unbelievable sight,indescribable feeling.." was exactly the euphoria I felt. I will always be a kid at heart and I swear I will never get tired of dreaming about my own happy ending, I know i'll have mine at the right time..

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